Multidisciplinary artist Renata Janiszewska was born in London, England. She has worked in animation, music, sculpture, installation and murals. She has been painting exclusively on electronic canvas since 2010. She is an indexed artist of Techspressionism, an artistic approach in which technology is utilised as a means to express emotional experience.

She lives in Toronto

For personal commissions, purchasing artwork, exhibiting or any related inquiries, please email her at

For artists, new media can create two things. The first is a novel set of tools to represent established visual ideas; the shiny new oil paints of the Renaissance led to shiny new renditions of the Baptism of the Virgin. The second is the realization that new materials create new art forms, which both annihilate and embrace the old ones. Picasso fractured the constructed object-in-space of the Renaissance, thanks to the museums. Now, not lapis lazuli in linseed oil, but light, not found objects, but found digital configurations. The unfolding of art through time is both metaphorical and simply concrete. A work of digital art starts at 0:01 and finishes at 1:22 and we can prove it. Can the matter of art be created and destroyed? My work is an ongoing meditation on the shape of this question. My vocabulary of metamorphizing forms, textures, colors and paradoxical spaces may suggest some soaring metaphysical intelligence, or a small moment on an ancient forest floor where the heroine is getting her nails very dirty digging into a story. I create my own soundtracks, and animate my own images. Forms, sounds and time appear as a single organism to the viewer, but appearances are deceptive. They are a result of my method - "Disegno" as they used to call it.

Techspressionist Salon #21 - Renata Janiszewska - July 06, 2021

Renata Janiszewska interviewed by Michael Pierre Price - October 13, 2021