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The Indigo Ghastriquill Collection on 1st Dibs 

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Marlinspike NFT Collection

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The following is a true story about Marlina Svenskayaszewska.

I ask of you -  don't judge by looks. Innocence and beauty are weapons of stealth. Be warned - what she gets up to may disturb you. Even though readers know there is always a story behind the story, they are not prepared for the strangeness that is going to emerge. If you are watching as well as reading, the understory explodes in all its mystery and dark gothic weirdness. Marlina is there as your guide, your interpreter and your seducer.

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10% of proceeds from the sale of these NFT's go to Médecins Sans Frontières /  Doctors Without Borders -Ukraine  

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Marlinka and Her Familiar, 2022

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